If you want to race, you need the following:
  • A wallet (we recommend MetaMask which you can install via Extensions),
  • Be setup on the Polygon network (not necessary for racing, but for trading chickens and getting WETH it is),
  • Some WETH (see Wrapping ETH),
  • And a Chicken (see Buying A Chicken).
Follow these steps to get setup, grab your first chicken and enter you first race.

Setup For Polygon

You need to have Polygon (previously known as Matic Network) set up in your wallet. We use this network for Chicken Derby, as it has lower gas fees and faster transactions.
Open your MetaMask extension. Log in if you need to. Then click the down arrow next to Ethereum Mainnet and click Add Network.
A new tab will open. Enter the following details:
Network Name
Polygon Mainnet
Chain ID
Currency Symbol
Block Explorer URL (Optional)
Then click Save. You'll be shown your wallet and how much MATIC you have (which will likely be 0). MATIC is another currency used for transactions on Polygon, and you will need some. It's very cheap (at the moment $0.44 to 1 MATIC) and each transaction uses a fraction of MATIC at a time.
You can get MATIC for free from faucets (such as https://matic.supply/) or it can be purchased. We recommend you get some before proceeding.
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