Wrapping ETH
You need WETH (Wrapped Ethereum) to buy chickens and enter paid races. You can convert your ETH to WETH by going to https://bridge.umbria.network/. Ensure you are setup on Polygon first.
You'll need to connect your wallet to the site. Once connected, click Bridge Assets in the top right corner.
A new window will open, and you'll need to connect your wallet to this new page.
Now you can choose what you want to send, and how much. You want to: Send From: Ethereum Mainnet Send To: Polygon PoS Chain
You can enter any amount your like. Here I'm sending 0.01 ETH. Click Send when ready.
The next popup always you to speed up the transaction if you want to (though it'll cost you more ETH if you do). It's fine to leave it at the default and just click SEND.
Then you just need to confirm your transaction in your wallet.
This next step can take a while, so be patient. You'll get a confirmation once complete.
Congratulations, you now have WETH. You can confirm by going to chickenderby.com. Log in, then click the Show button in the header. It'll display your ETH and WETH balances (in USD) there.
Now go get your first chicken.
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