Known Website Issues
List of commonly known issues with our website. Should you have an issue that is not listed here, please go to our discord and describe your problem in the help channel.

Report A Bug

If you are having a problem with Chicken Derby and the issue isn't listed here, please, report a bug.

50 Block Limit

When entering a race you get the following error message.
This is a common web3 issue caused by the transaction taking too long to go through. We have increased our gas limit to reduce the frequency of this error.
If you get this error, before trying to enter a race again, check your transaction history to ensure you were not charged. If you were charged, go to the help channel on our discord with the details of the race you were trying to enter and your wallet address.

Chickens Not Showing

Sometimes, when going to the My Coop page or trying to enter a chicken into a race, your chickens might not be showing. Or maybe some of them show, but not all.
This is caused by a miscommunication between our website and Biconomy. We understand this can be frustrating, but we know it most commonly happens when the page is refreshed. Going to a different page on the site, and then returning to the page using the links in the header often solves the issue.
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