This article was unintentionally published while still in development. Details are likely to change.

What Is It?

The Chicken Derby Metaverse is a location only accessible by chicken holders. In the Metaverse you can meet your fellow Chicken Derby friends, partake in exclusive activities, build crew houses and race stadiums, and grow crops that you can sell or use to enhance your chicken.


The Metaverse is split into 7 different territories, each themed after one of our race terrain types (Dirt, Grass, Road, Rock, Sand, Snow & Track). Each territory has approximatly 1,500 pieces of Land, with each piece having its own NFT.
Owning the NFT, means you own the Land. Owning Land has many advantages, such as being able to lead crews, own stadiums, grow crops and more. Each Land NFT tells you the size of the land (Small, Medium or Large), which territory it is in and within which borough.

Public Locations

Some areas of the Metaverse are publicly owned. These are common areas where you can gather with your fellow chickens and engage in social activites. More will be added over time, but here are a few of the initial ones.

Central Plaza

In the middle of each territory is an open plaza. This is an open air area and one of the few places that users can fast travel to. It's often worth a visit to see what's going on.


The bar is the No. 1 hangout for chickens. A bespoke meeting place designed to allow users to come together, watch races and discuss strategies with others.


In the store you can purchase exclusive Chicken Derby items, as well as get access to exclusive deals only found in the Metaverse. These change regularly so be sure to come back often.


If you own land, you can become the leader of your very own crew. A crew is a team of 2 to 15 chicken holders. There will be exclusive tournaments for crews and their members, with big prizes for the winners.
To be a crew leader, you require a Crew House. Each crew house is unique, each featuring a different assortment of decorations and accessories. Anyone can visit your crew house, where you can show off your previous wins. But within there is an exclusive meeting room just for you and your crew members.


Land owners will also be able to own their own Stadiums. Stadium owners can then design their own race tracks, which appear in the pool of available races on the Chicken Derby website. They'll then take a share of the rake from all users who enter into their race, giving them a consistent and passive income.


With time, we'll also be adding farming to the Metaverse. Land owners can plant crops on their land, which will then grow Food. This Food can be fed to chickens, and temporarily enhance their performance when racing.
To those that don't own Land, they can still purchase Food on the secondary market. But there will be some areas of the Metaverse reserved for public farming, where everyone can grow Food.