How to name your chicken.
So you've got a chicken that you love and care for. You tuck into bed at night, and wake it up in the morning with a fresh bowl of cereal. Then you're out for a walk one day and run into an old college friend. You exhange pleasenties and go to introduce your chicken, when disaster strikes! Your chicken doesn't have a name. You're left standing there dumbstruck and ashamed as your college friend looks on disapprovingly.
This disaster can be avoided though, just by naming your chicken. All chickens from mint are just assigned a number (e.g. Chicken 12). You can give your chicken a name though (e.g. Julia) as a sign of respect to your fowl friend.

How To

1. Go to This is where you can see all your chickens.
2. Sign in with your Metamask.
3. You'll now see all the chickens you own. Click on the chicken that you want to name.
4. In the top left there is a button called Name Chicken. Click on it.
5. A pop-up will appear with a text entry box. Enter the name you want for your chicken. Then click the Name Chicken button.
6. Metamask will appear, you'll need to sign the contract to confirm the name. Ensure that this is the name you want and that there are no spelling mitsakes. Once you're sure, click the Sign button.
7. Wait.
8. Your chicken is now named!
That's all there is to it. So go out there and name your chickens.

Important Things

  • A chicken name must be from 3 to 20 characters long,
  • A chicken can only be named once. After a chicken has been given a name, it can never be changed, even if it's sold to another person,
  • No two chickens can have the same name, and this isn't case sensitive (so there cannot be a Fred and a fred).
  • Please keep your chicken names family friendly as we want this to be a game for everyone. Should a chicken's name be determined as profane by the community, its name will be randomly changed,
  • To participate in racing you don't have to name your chicken, but it's more fun if you do,
  • If you go to your chicken opensea, you won't see the new name straight away. Click on the refresh button in the top right corner to refresh your chicken's metadata. After a few minutes, the new name will appear.
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