Chicken Derby Worlds

An open world experience where people will want to go and hang out, explore and partake in unique and exciting experiences.

What Is It?

Chicken Derby Worlds is a place accessible to everyone. In CDW you can meet your fellow Chicken Derby friends, partake in exclusive activities, run crews and stadiums, grow crops that will help enhance your chicken, and decorate your land to show off your past victories.

Land NFTs

The World is split into 11 different worlds, each world contains various boroughs and each borough is made of 49 pieces of Land. There are Land NFTs, each connected to a piece of Land within CDW. In total there are 13,333 Land NFTs.
Each Land NFT has the following stats.
A unique number identifying that piece of Land.
The World that the Land is in (11 Worlds in total)
The Borough that the Land is in (278 Boroughs in total)
The position of the Land within the Borough
If the Land has a Building, which Building it has (1504 have Buildings)
Farming Plots
How many Farming Plots the Land comes with (from 0 to 25).
If the Land has a Feature, which Feature it has (938 have Features)



16 Boroughs - 768 Land NFTs
An underwater realm of corals and plants, where ones troubles can be washed away.


14 Boroughs - 672 Land NFTs
A pretty sweet state of lollypop trees, gumdrop clouds and jellybean cobbled streets.


9 Boroughs - 432 Land NFTs
The smallest world in CDW, this is a quiet zone for meditation.


22 Boroughs - 1055 Land NFTs
Was rejected for use as a graveyard for being too creepy.

Flossy Glades

33 Boroughs - 1579 Land NFTs
Lots of trees here. Lots and lots and lots of trees. Also some bird heads.


29 Boroughs - 1392 Land NFTs
An ice cold colony that could freeze the feathers off a Flamingo's face.


36 Boroughs - 1726 Land NFTs
A trippy town where colors bleed and the good stuff grows.

South Savanna

23 Boroughs - 1103 Land NFTs
Is a savanna. In the south.


29 Boroughs - 1392 Land NFTs
These marshy lands are perfect for those who want to kick back and just get lost.

Untrodden Lands

42 Boroughs - 2014 Land NFTs
The largest world in CDW, the only thing bigger than its size is its mysteries.


25 Boroughs - 1200 Land NFTs
An Alien World where Aliens do Alien things. Like, play Alien golf.


Each Borough is 7x7 pieces of Land in size.
Each piece of Land has an X,Y position to show where in the Borough the land lies. The world uses an isometric grid, which can be tricky to understand if you're not used to it. But this reference will help.
Above, the highlighted land will of the position of 2,5 in the Borough
Each Borough contains 1 or 2 pieces of Land that are not publicly available. These pieces are reserved for future development.

Buildings - Crews

1000 pieces of Land come with a Crew House. If you own a land with a Crew House, you can become the leader of your very own crew. A crew is a team of 2 to 15 chicken holders. There will be exclusive tournaments for crews and their members, with big prizes for the winners.
There are 12 different styles of Crew Houses available, and there will be some variations between them in terms of decorations. Anyone can visit your crew house, and inside you can show off your previous wins. But within there is an exclusive meeting room just for you and your crew members.
Royal Castle, Victorian Manor and UFO Crew Houses.

Buildings - Stadiums

504 pieces of Land will come with a Stadium, and if you're lucky you can get one. Each Stadium has a designated terrain type (Dirt, Grass, Road, Rock, Sand, Snow or Track). The owner of the stadium can design up to 6 races within each stadium. For each race they can determine the name of the race, the distance, the entry fee, the race capacity, and the prize pool. They can even design free races.
At any time, the owner of a Stadium can generate a race they've designed. These can be private (only accessible via invite) or public (accessible via visiting any stadium the owner owns within CDW).
Dirt, Track and Rock Stadiums
Races created by Stadium owners can also appear on the Chicken Derby race entry page on the website. The more frequently the owner runs races, the more likely they are to appear there.


Farming will be a key part of the CDW. Most pieces of Land come with Farming Plots, though how many does vary. On plots you can plant Seeds, which will then grow into Crops. Crops are turned into Food, which when fed to a chicken, will effect their performance during races.
Food bonuses can be as simple as slightly enhancing a chicken's performance, or providing protection from offensive talents. Food could also enhance your own chicken's talent, by making it happen more often or being more powerful.
To those that don't own Land, they can still purchase Food on the secondary market. There will also be some areas reserved for public farming, where anyone can grow Crops.


Some Land comes with a Feature. These are decorative items that improve the fertility of the Land, making it a better place for farming. Some features are Common while others are rarer.
Some Features


Step 1. Shortly after the Land mint we launch CDW. Users will be able to see their Land, explore the Worlds and chat with other users. We'll also airdrop some Food NFTs to our holders.
Step 2. Farming is added, allowing users to grow crops, which can be turned into food and fed to their chickens.
Step 3. Either Crews or Stadiums next. Which will be decided by the community.
Step 4. Crews or Stadiums, whichever wasn't done in Step 3.
Step 5. Staking is added. Users who stake their Land will gain bonuses

The Mints

Land NFTs will initially only be available to Chicken Holders. It will be sold in a blind mint where each user pays the same price for the Land, and gets a random piece.
Later mints will be available to everyone.
Currently, 10% of the entry fees from each race are retained to fund the free races. However, after all the Land is minted, we will have the funds to remove this 10% rake, returning all of the money from user races back to the community.
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