Information about the races in Chicken Derby.

Entering A Race

Races are the primary activity for your chicken. Each race consists of 8 chickens, each of which will try their hardest to win.

Race Distances

The following race distances are available: 100m, 120m, 140m, 160m, 180m, 200m. The longer the race, the longer it'll take. Does your chicken have the stamina to go the distance?


Each race will have one of seven different terrain types. Dirt, Grass, Road, Rock, Sand, Snow or Track. A chicken will typically perform better on a terrain type that matches its terrain preference.

Pecking Order

When a race is generated it is given a Pecking Order (PO). Each chicken also has a PO, which is based on its Pecking Order Points (POP). A chicken may only enter a race that has a matching PO.
Pecking Order (PO)
Pecking Order Points (POP)
40 to 59
0 to 39
Each chicken is given a certain amount of POP when hatched, based on its Perfection and Stock. After a race, your chicken will gain or lose POP based on its finishing position, gaining POP if it does well, losing it if it does poorly. So the more POP your chicken has, the higher its PO shall be.
All newly hatched chickens will have the Pecking Order of Chick and can only enter Chick races (which are free!). After that first race, your chicken will receive its PO and shall be able to enter other races.

Race Fee

Some races are free to enter, while others will have a fee. We retain a small percentage of each fee, which is used to build Prize Pools for the free races and to keep the game running. The rest of the fee creates the Prize Pool for that race. The fee will vary from race to race, but the higher the fee, the bigger the reward you get should your chicken place.

Prize Pool

The Prize Pool is split between the top 3 finishers. The percentage that each finisher receives is as follows.
% Prize Pool
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