Races are the primary activity for your chicken. Each race consists of 12 chickens, each of which will try their hardest to win.

Entering A Race

To enter a race you need two things:
To begin, go to our website (link to be shared later), click the Login button in the top right and log in with your MetaMask.
After you are logged in, click on the race you wish to enter. When you do, the table will open up and display all the chickens currently entered into that race. Click the Enter Race button.
Next you'll see a list of all your chickens that are available for this race. Chickens with a Pecking Order that does not match the race's Pecking Order won't be shown. Also, you're currently limited to entering a maximum of 2 chickens into a single race. So if you already have 2 chickens entered, you won't be allowed to enter another.
Click the Enter button that is next to the chicken you want to enter. I'm going to enter my Screamin' Green Lakenvelder.
You'll need to confirm the transaction for the entry fee of the race. This will appear for free races too, but they will have a fee of $0.00.
Free races will skip this next step. But for paid races, your Metamask will open. You'll need to sign the contract to confirm the payment of the entry fee.
At this time in paid races, you will be charged some MATIC to enter. We are currently working on removing this and covering the gas fees ourselves.
Once this is done, please wait patiently for the transaction to go through. This can take some time and refreshing your browser or trying to enter again can cause issues. As long as you see this loading window, everything is fine.
You'll know when your chicken has been successfully entered when this appears in the top right corner of your screen.
You won't know what lane your chicken has until the race is full though.
You'll now be able to see your chicken in the race listings.
Now all there is to do is wait. Once the race is full, it'll get Scheduled and move to the Scheduled Races page.


Each chicken has a situation which explains what that chicken is doing at that time. Currently, this only has two options, Barn or Racing Pen. A chicken can only be entered into a race if its situation is Barn. Once entered, its situation will change to Racing Pen.
A chicken's situation will return to Barn after either:
  • The race that the chicken is entered in to has finished, OR
  • 2 Hours have passed since it was entered in to a race.
The 2 hour time limit is so that a chicken doesn't get stuck in a race that has low demand for an extended amount of time.

Race Details

Race Name & Location

Chicken Derby is an international sport, with races all over the world. There is the City Drive in the Philippines, the Tamarindo Cross in Costa Rica and the Cruz De Praia in Portugal to name just 3 of the 249 races available in Chicken Derby.

Pecking Order & POP

Every chicken starts with a preset amount of POP (Pecking Order Points), based on its Heritage and Perfection. Each chicken also has a Pecking Order, which is based on its POP. Each race also has a Pecking Order. A chicken may only enter a race that has a matching Pecking Order.
Pecking Order
Pecking Order Points (POP)
90 to 110
70 to 89
50 to 69
30 to 49
10 to 29
First 7 races
Every chicken gets 7 free CHICK races. These are always free to enter and are for new chickens to get warmed up in before moving on to the paid races. Once a chicken has ran in 7 CHICK races though, it can never enter them again.
After each paid entry race, or each CHICK race, the chicken will gain or lose POP based on its finishing position.


The following race distances are available: 100m, 120m, 140m, 160m, 180m, 200m. The longer the race, the longer it'll take. Entering a race with a distance that matches your chickens distance preference will allow it to perform better.


Each race will have one of seven different terrain types. Dirt, Grass, Road, Rock, Sand, Snow or Track. A chicken can perform at its best on a terrain type that matches its terrain preference.

Race Fee

Some races are free to enter, while others will have a fee. 10% of each fee is used to build Prize Pools for the free races and to keep the game running. The reamaining 90% of the fee creates the Prize Pool for that race. The fee will vary from race to race, but the higher the fee, the bigger the reward you get should your chicken place.

Prize Pool

The Prize Pool is split between the top 3 finishers. The percentage that each finisher receives is as follows.
% Prize Pool

Race List

A database of all the races available in Chicken Derby can be found here.

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